Furnace Maintenance Services For Eldridge, IA

Furnace Maintenance Services

Replacing a furnace is a huge expense. The average furnace costs thousands of dollars, and that doesn't include the costs for removing the old furnace and installing the new one. The worst thing about that cost is that it is often entirely unnecessary. With regular heater maintenance services, the average furnace can work efficiently for decades without needing to be replaced. As a resident in Eldridge, IA, there is no company you can better trust to provide excellent heater maintenance services than Bettendorf Heating and Air Conditioning.

Save Money With Furnace Maintenance

Maintaining your furnace will save you money in two different ways.

The first way is obvious. Regular maintenance prevents your furnace from breaking down and needing to be replaced. Replacing your furnace costs thousands of dollars, while maintenance, even paid for year after year, costs a fraction of that.

The second way that maintenance saves you money is through energy costs. As furnaces get older, they get less efficient, requiring more energy to keep your house warm. Without regular maintenance, your furnace may require twice as much energy in five years to keep the house as warm as it does today. Regular maintenance keeps your furnace working just as efficiently today as it did the day you purchased it.

The Bettendorf Maintenance Contract

At Bettendorf Heating and Air Conditioning, we offering heater maintenance services that can't be beat. Our furnace maintenance contract involves a yearly fall visit where we inspect every inch of your furnace, including:

  • Safety Controls
  • Carbon Monoxide Check
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Leak Checks (Gas and Water)
  • Pilot Assembly
  • ...and more

After a thorough inspection, we make all necessary adjustments to your furnace to keep it working smoothly and efficiently. Much like inspecting your car, this can add years to the life of your furnace. Furthermore, as part of these heater maintenance services, if you do have any need for repairs during the year, we offer a discount and priority service.

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If for no other reason that to save money on energy bills, furnace maintenance is not something you should put off. Contact Bettendorf Heating and Air Conditioning today and we will immediately get you signed up for one of our maintenance contracts.