Heating Maintenance Services in Le Claire, IA

Rely on Bettendorf Heating & Air Conditioning to help you keep your heating mechanic working on a furnacesystems well maintained and operating smoothly. Find the problems before they arise and keep your heating system running at peak efficiency with routine maintenance performed by our expert technicians.

Perfect for New and Old Heating Systems

Whether your heating system is brand new or old, it’s important that it undergoes regular maintenance. Our team is equipped to handle any type of furnace, boiler or other type of system, regardless of age, from cleaning, regular check-ups and even necessary repairs.

Part of Routine Fall Maintenance

With our maintenance service, we will perform a thorough look at your heating system:

  • Check thermostat
  • Check all safety controls
  • CO (carbon monoxide) check
  • Check, clean, and adjust burner for efficiency
  • Check and adjust pilot assembly
  • Inspect heat exchanger for safety
  • Lubricate all moving parts where required
  • Check belt and adjust tension where required
  • Change or clean filters (Filters additional)
  • Check gas piping to furnace for leaks
  • Operation and safety check of system

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Prepare for the cold months around Le Claire, IA, by making sure your heating system is in perfect working condition. Make heating maintenance easy with Bettendorf Heating & Air Conditioning.

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