Infrared Heaters

Did you know that the sun's infrared light is what makes us feel warm during the cold days? The silent infrared waves that the sun emits travel through the space warming any object they pass through including your body.

This is precisely what we do at Bettendorf Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer a wide range of infrared heaters for homes, offices, and high-performance commercial heaters.

That said, what're the benefits of switching to infrared heaters?

Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters carry a lot of benefits to homes and offices. Here are the main benefits that come with these modern heaters.

· Easy Installation

Infrared heaters are just plug-n-play equipment. You only need a power socket where you plug the panel and start enjoying its silent heat.

  • Helps to Save Energy and Money

As compared to the conventional heaters, infrared heaters will help you to save a great deal of your electric energy, and of course money.

An infrared heating system can reduce your power cost by over 45%. The much you'll be able to save depends on the house's construction, insulation, ceiling height and many more. The type of infrared heating installations you also choose dramatically affects your energy savings.

· Absolutely Silent

Remember, an infrared heating system doesn't integrate any moving components like turbines or funs—it heats and warms silently.

· Comes with Many Health Benefits

The manner in which infrared heaters transmit heat is totally beneficial to people, especially the ones with breathing issues. They don't create heat current that might cause dusty air to circulate in the room, exposing people with breathing conditions to adverse health concerns.

More importantly, the quiet environment created by the infrared heaters is very conducive for office working or relaxing.

Enjoy Stylish, Smart, and Sustainable Heating

Bettendorf Heating & Air Conditioning Company is a global market leader offering state of the art infrared heating system and installations. With more than 50 years under our belt offering exceptional home and commercial heating solution to the Quad cities, you can trust us with quality infrared services.

Whether it's infrared heating installations, cooling issues, or other maintenance services, our group of highly trained and experienced experts is always on standby to help you.

Quality is paramount to us. That's why we craft infrared heating systems intended to last a lifetime.

Are you a landlord, homeowner, or you have a property project in mind and looking to install new or replace your existing heating system? We are ready to help. We'll help you come up with the most efficient and cost effective bespoke infrared heating solutions.

Contact us today for a free quote. Our 24-hour emergency service is connected to our service staff, so you are sure we'll never miss your concern.

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